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8power is a Cambridge, UK based innovative technology company specialising in the health of rotating equipment using advanced wireless sensors and machine learning analytics. We are enabling machine condition monitoring at lower cost and easy installation for water/wastewater treatment, utilities, manufacturing and oil and gas industries.


8power’s technology provides a 24/7/365 early warning and remote monitoring solution for a range of industrial equipment. This offers organisations a low cost, scalable solution to monitor equipment installed in remote, unmanned or difficult to reach locations. 8power provide an easy to install, efficient and consistent way of monitoring different sizes and types of industrial asset. With 10 year-life wireless sensors we call this the “Fit & Forget” approach.


By collecting hourly, high resolution data a much deeper understanding of asset condition and operation is delivered. Detecting the early onsite of problems is key to minimising downtime and avoiding costly reactive maintenance to fix asset failures. This approach provides operators and asset owners with improved  situational awareness and allows critical, risk weighted decisions to be made.


Contact us for more information about our remote Condition Monitoring  technology