8power to host Fix Before Fail interactive webinar


Deritend, 8power and Engineering consultant Robert Peggs to show water companies how to Fix Before Fail in interactive webinar on remote condition monitoring and smart maintenance


8power, Deritend and Bob Peggs, an Engineering Consultant are to hold an interactive webinar at 2pm, 28th May 2020 on How to Fix Before Fail with Remote Condition Monitoring and Smart Maintenance.  Attendees will learn how intelligence led decision making through sensors can be delivered.  They will also learn about quick fix solutions available before machines are run too long, break and cost millions of pounds to replace.


Machine with sensors


Attendees will learn about:

  • How Fix Before Fail can be achieved through remote condition monitoring and smart maintenance
  • Water companies’ issues and priorities regarding maintenance at this current time
  • Typical cost savings that can be achieved
  • How water companies can respond to the changing climate, enabling better remote working
  • Innovative developments to help reduce energy and carbon footprint


The interactive webinar will include audience feedback and the opportunity to ask, answer questions and chat with peers.


COVID – 19 has fundamentally changed the way we work and this webinar will help attendees learn how they can monitor critical assets and Fix Before Fail all whilst operating with a reduced workforce and on site visits.  This interactive webinar will introduce attendees to the concepts of remote condition monitoring and smart maintenance so that they can understand how they can remedy assets before they break and use preventative and predictive maintenance programmes.


Paul Egan, CEO of 8power will show attendees how sensors can deliver powerful insights to help make smarter decisions and deploy staff more effectively.  He will also talk about typical costs savings that have been gained by some of 8power’s customers. 




Paul will be joined by Richard Hale, Managing Director of Deritend and Bob Peggs to talk about how the total cost of ownership at pump, station and full network optimisation, has been successfully deployed across a number of industries.


Register for the webinar to learn about how to be to more efficient and how running machines to the ground, risking over £1 million in extra costs can be avoided.